Are your pretzels available in different sizes?

We currently only have one size (200g) for single bags. Please see the bulk orders section of our website for other ordering options.

Where can I buy Snackingtons products?

You can visit our Where to Buy page for a full list of our current retail locations and upcoming seasonal markets.

Does Snackingtons make anything other than pretzels?

We are currently perfecting recipes to expand our line of homemade snacks. Visit our website and social media for all updates and product news.

What does gluten friendly mean?

Our Gluten Friendly Sophisticated Pretzels are made with entirely gluten free ingredients, but are produced in the same facility as our Original Pretzels. Because we take allergies and intolerances seriously, we use dedicated equipment to manufacture our gluten friendly pretzels and only manufacture on a day when no other varieties of pretzels are made.